Unleashing the Off-Road Passion: Our SXS Adventure Tale


My journey in the SXS track spans over 15 years, a testament to my passion and dedication to the world of off-roading. It all began with a simple venture on eBay, where I started by purchasing used Yamaha Rhinos and selling them part by part. This business was successful, but it did not fulfill my need to create something of my own.

As I continued to sell used parts, I expanded my horizon by becoming a dealer for renowned brands like Pro Armor and Dragonfire Racing. Selling their products on our  website, we achieved considerable success, yet my need to create remained. Seeking to satisfy this creative itch, I invested in a small CNC mill and brought a programmer on board to transform my ideas into tangible products. This venture was flourishing until an unforeseen forest fire devastated my shop, my property, and almost took my home.

Faced with the ruins of my hard work, I was determined to rise from the ashes. I rebuilt my business from the ground up in my garage, substituting the CNC mill with a more user-friendly CNC Plasma table. This shift not only facilitated my design process but also allowed me to manufacture parts with greater speed and efficiency. My designs gained popularity and attracted the attention of a company within a similar industry, leading to a successful sale of my designs, company, and brand.

Today, I embark on a new chapter, operating as a one-man enterprise, focused on designing and crafting SXS parts and accessories with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm. My goal is to create products that resonate with fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the SXS community. Join me on this journey, explore our collection, and find the perfect products for your off-road adventures. We're excited to share our passion and creations with you and hope you'll love them just as much as we do.